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Visiting a different country can be both exciting and a little scary, at least at first. In this series of articles I will explain some of the ins and outs of taking your first few trips to the Dominican Republic. I will briefly cover several areas of common concern, with a couple tips and tricks for each one. Each of these areas are covered in much greater detail in my book, which can be found at

During my first few visits to the Dominican Republic the things that concerned me the most were my
not knowing Spanish (the local language), food (i.e., what things were safe for consumption) and safety (money, personal security, and valuables). I will briefly discuss each of these items in a series of articles. To start with I will discuss Spanish and how you can get by without it… at least for your first couple trips.

I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks contained in the following articles and would love to hear your feed back by email at

Each of these articles covers a topic I write in detail about in my book.
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