Bonus Area for all Book Buyers!

All Book Buyers can login to see the Bonus Materials. I am excited to be able to give you a peek at several chapters that were not quite ready for the book. I am also including a bunch of never before published pictures and a couple articles. (There are currently over 90 pictures with short descriptions)

As I build content for my next book all Book Buyers will be able to read sections. I will put a few sneak peek sections online to get feedback.

This information is ONLY AVAILABLE in the Buyers Section, so buy a copy today to gain access.

Here is how to gain access: Use the last two words on page 226 and the first word on page 65 as a three word password.
(They need to be lowercase and have a space between them like: word1 word2 word3 )


A few of the things available to Book Buyers

Things I don't know anything about: Drugs, Hookers, and Guns.
One last thing that just kills me! Dominican Directions...

Pictures: I am in the process of adding a BUNCH of pictures. There are now over 90 pictures and I will continue to add more as I have time.
- The stuff motos carry
- Beaches
- Vehicles, Cargo, & Passengers
- Street Vendors
- Animals
- Tiano Carvings
- Landscapes & Sunsets
- Funny Signs
- Vacation Spots
- Rooster Fights- Something that is illegal in the United States but is huge in the DR.
- Wealthy vs. just making it.
- Baseball- The greatest Dominican Past time
- Cabanas
- Color vs Plain
- Food
- Electricity- no wonder there are so many power outages!
- Fitting in
- Mercado Modelo

Moving to the Dominican Republic