La Marrana Restaurant Review

Punta Cana and Cap Cana. Okay, so this one is a touristy place. Nevertheless, it is simply amazing, and I definitely recommend seeing it. Now, assuming you are not going to do the whole all-inclusive-thing but would like to go to the beach, you should try the Punta Cana Resort. It is an unforgettable place. The slogan at this resort is, “Do anything you want, or nothing at all,” and it’s true: you can enjoy yourself either way. The resort has a breathtaking beach and an excellent swimming pool. There’s a world-class golf course with at least one hole requiring you to shoot over the water. The amenities, in my opinion, rival any five-star resort in the world. The food is moderately priced and breakfast is included. In my experience, this is absolutely the best resort, and I believe the value is hard to beat.

While you are at Punta Cana you have to take the time to visit Cap Cana. The Cap Cana project is going to be the crown jewel of the Island. It is slated to have the largest marina in the Caribbean. During our visit, Ana and I had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant named
La Marrana, which means “the pig” in Spanish. This restaurant was a highlight of my vacation. Situated overlooking the harbor, La Marrana offers incredible service, with an attentive staff whose recommendations for appetizers and entrées were perfect choices. I rank the atmosphere of the restaurant in the top ten worldwide. The food is easily top-tier and the staff was unbeatable. Cap Cana has done well by choosing this restaurant, as it showcases the area’s continued development. (***While I have been writing this book La Marrana has moved to Santo Domingo.)

The rest of the resort is also marvelous. There are many yachts in the harbor to look at. The beaches are extraordinarily beautiful, and the harbor is always full of yachts – a wonderful sight. I didn’t have a chance to visit the hotel district, so I can’t comment on that area, but several of the hotels have very good reputations. For an unforgettable experience, I highly recommend taking the time to walk around the marina and a quick stop at
La Maranna for a bite to eat. Of course, if you have a yacht or a boatload of money, you can do a lot more in Cap Cana than I did while I was there. If you’d like a companion, let me know.