I love reading comments from readers of my book. It is so interesting to see how we all become connected to the Dominican Republic. I have lived in Santo Domingo for the past 4 years and absolutely love life. Thanks for all of your comments!

Dear Ross    -    I just finished your book.   Congrats!!  I enjoyed it a lot.

I lived for 2 yrs. in the DR back in the early 70's as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I married una Dominicana and we have lived in California ever since.  But, of course, we go back to the DR on a regular basis.  Now that we are almost retired we will be spending lots more time there.

Overall I think you did a masterful job of conveying the Dominican spirit from a "gringo" perspective.  Your expression... "I love it here!"  really hit home.  Yep, you have to focus on the positive to keep from going nuts.  Way back when I first arrived in the DR I kept asking my experienced Peace Corps guide many questions about all the strange things that one puts up with in the DR.  His reply...."Remember where you are."  has stayed with me always and something I have to repeat to myself from time to time.  Now I will add your "I love it here!"

It was fascinating to read about the episode when you wanted your boss's persmission to move your home base to the DR.  How lucky that he had visited the DR and that he (and some other managers) had just bought condos in Juan Dolio.  My wife and I purchased a condo in Costa Del Sol, located in the middle of Juan Dolio, a few years ago.  Maybe some of your colleagues are our neighbors!

My experience with using credit cards in the DR differs from yours.  While most retailers take Visa and MC, not many take AmEx.  And, many retailers add on an extra charge to your bill if you want to pay with plastic.  From my perspective, Cash is King!  Trying to negotiate a discount is much easier with cash.  But I do agree with you that if a problem comes up its nice to have the credit card company on your side.

I was almost sorry to see your section on Bahia de las Aguilas.  There were already quite a few visitors there last year when I "discovered" this place and I hope it does not get too developed.  And... I am going back there too.  This time with more Presidentes and snorkel gear.

If you ever decide to publish a follow up edition, you might want to consider mentioning two of the DR's greatest natural resources (after the beaches and food of course.)  Amber & Larimar.
 While amber is found in many parts of the world, it is generally acknowledged that some of the finest is from the DR.  Especially amber with insects (think Jurassic Park).   Larimar is a beautiful stone found nowhere else in the world and is getting more and more popular.

Well, Ross.... I could go on and on.... but suffice to say that I enjoyed your book immensely.  You hit most points right on the head. Te felicito!  

Viva La Republica!!


I hope you will enjoy me on my adventure living in the Dominican Republic. Buy a book today!