I love seeing pictures from your trips to the Dominican Republic!!! I think the best ones are pictures that show the unique side of the country. It is easy to find a picture of a beautiful beach, a palm tree, or the thousands of other tropical things about the island.

The pictures that are most interesting are what I refer to as the "Gems of the Dominican Republic." To qualify as a Gem the picture must be one that you ABSOLUTELY cannot find anywhere in a first world country. If you see something that would stop traffic in the USA, then I need to see it.

Please tell me a little bit about the picture and your experiences so I can add them to the site as well.

Dominican Republic moto tow truck santo Domingo
I have always thought the number of motos in the Dominican Republic is amazing. But what really blows me away are the quantity of things a moto can carry! It is a proven fact that Dominican motos simply are stronger than those in the USA.

Check out this Gem!!! I guess it is hard to tow a moto, so it only makes sense to throw it on another one and then hop on the back! This is such a sweet picture.

Thanks for sharing this picture Darren.

Photo taken by DT out of a bus window heading from Barahona to Santo Domingo. Summer '10
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I love it when people send me great pictures! This one is almost too good to be true... Carrying a cow on your motorcycle... I mean how else would you want to take a cow home...

The question I have is if they get pulled over for not wearing a helmet should the cow get the ticket or the dude sitting on the back?

I wish I had been there to see this! What a great picture!
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