Moving to the Dominican Republic: The Paradox of Paradise
is a book about my adventures moving to the Dominican Republic. My experience is much as the title of the book explains--Many often odd Experiences. As one might imagine, life in the Dominican Republic is very different from life in most first world countries like the United States. Many of the experiences I have had are humorous and many times are on the verge of hilarious.

If you are wondering whether this book is right for you consider the following:
  • Driving in the Dominican Republic requires a different set of rules. In my book I explain in detail the rules.
  • Eating Dominican Food often requires one to ignore certain abnormal sights and smells. Have you ever eaten something and then suffered the consequences--try six weeks.
  • Have you ever wanted to live in a different country but wondered about how the locals will treat you? This books is perfect for you.
  • Would you love to live on a Caribbean Island and just enjoy life? This is what I write about.
  • Do you have concerns with security as you travel, particularly internationally? I have a special section dedicated to security.

If you answered Yes to any one of these questions, it is a perfect reason to buy this book. Once you buy the book you will not only be able to learn from my mistakes, but you will also be able to gain access to our Book Buyers ONLY web site. In this area I will post updated information and stories. I will also make available new job postings and business opportunities.

I hope you join me on my Dominican Adventures!

R. Weber



A little About Me my background and how I decided to move to the DR.

How did I go from DC to the DR?

My Second Visit to Santo Domingo
About My job

My first lessons
Giving Money
Making Purchases
Living Conditions and Lifestyle Changes
Bottled Water
Street Vendors
International calling
Not understand is an advantage

Lessons I learned as I became more seasoned
How much I spent each week
Fewer problems with the cops
Buying a house or apartment
Loans at the bank

Exchanging money
Window washers
People thinking I would give them stuff
How to Properly Honk a Car horn
My first Spanish classes

Things that were Almost Too Much
Beach trip
Stress of leaving everything behind
Internet Issues

Becoming Dominican
Getting sick for a month straight
Rats, Roaches, and Rubbish

Getting Past Basic Spanish
Just Loving Life
Time is not an issue.
Have an Escape Plan.

Choosing your Airline
Travel tips
Arrive early
Eat before
No flashy jewelry
Platinum American Express

Every day life around town
Driving around town
Travel by car around the country
Airport Safety
Your wife/girl friend
Your house
Your Car
Valuables in your home when you have house help
Do not get hurt and if you do what next?

What I would do differently?
Serious about Spanish
Stop Using AC sooner

Plan better to stop traveling
International calling on cell phone

Want to take the plunge?
What It takes Mentally



Ross Weber - Dominican Republic