I wrote about a lot of these spots in my book so I wont go into too much detail.
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Bajia de las Aguillas

This picture is of the take off point where you get in the boats that will take you to the beach. Even the take off point is beautiful.
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The cave at the entrance to the Bajia de las Aguillas park.

Below are several pictures taken from the Beach at Bajia de las Aguillas.
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Isla Catalina

This is a quick boat ride from La Romana. When we visited the island there were only a few other boats visiting. I understand during busy season the island is full of tourists.

This beach gave us plenty of great snorkeling and beautiful white sand.
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Kite Beach

If you are in for some water sport adventure you should try out kite boarding. My brothers took classes for a couple days and said it was a blast... but definitely much harder than snowboarding or wakeboarding.

Next time we have visitors who are going kiteboarding I'm going to join the classes. It looks like a total blast!
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Cap Cana

If they ever finish this place up it will be one of the nicest resort areas around. The marina is pretty much completed and there are lots of buildings going up. The only problem seems to be that several of the builders lost funding for parts of the project.

I hope they are able to finish up this area and start to attract some high end tourism money.
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Punta Cana Resort

This resort is a very nice resort with all of the top end amenities. The golf course is supposed to be one of the best on the island.

We spent a couple days lounging on the beach and by the pool. It was great!

If you consider camping a weekend at a nice hotel this is the perfect place for you!